There is no denying the fact that reseller hosting is gaining huge impetus amongst the business owners of the world. As the overall web development and designing concepts are high on demand across the world for effective business development, the online businesses out there are booming with the help of the reliable hosting services. Amongst all other web hosting services, reseller hosting is considered to be the best option out there.

In the modern era, the entrepreneurs are leveraging the reseller hosting services. This is achieved by starting one’s own reseller hosting business or supplementing the brand providing reliable hosting services. Reseller hosting is highly adopted because of the overall simplicity and cost-effective solutions.

What is Reseller Hosting?

 Reseller hosting is referred to as the process in which one major company that serves to be a hosting provider rents out the hard drive space along with bandwidth to the other small to medium-scale firms or companies out there. These small or medium-scale enterprises can rent the available hard drive space & bandwidth to any third party as well. This offers a great opportunity to the aspiring entrepreneurs who might be looking forward to starting their own reseller hosting company or firm.

As far as choosing Linux or Windows for the purpose of providing reseller hosting services is concerned, Linux serves to be more in demand than the Windows platform. Here are some reasons for the same:

  • Performance & Security: If you are highly concerned with the overall security of the web services and do not wish any sort of unauthorized access to the network or important data, then Linux reseller web hosting is considered a highly secure choice in comparison to the Windows hosting solutions. The Linux platform serves to be more secure. At the same time, it is also known for offering higher performance to the business enterprises.
  • Programming Language Support: One of the major reasons for the overall popularity of the Linux reseller hosting services is that it is able to support a wide spectrum of programming languages in comparison to that of the Windows platform. As the choice for programming languages are more in case of Linux hosting, it is higher preferred by most of the business owners and end users. The wide range of programming languages includes various types of including CGI script support to high-level programming languages including Ruby, Perl, PHP, and so more. However, in the case of Windows hosting, there are limited options like .Net, ASP, and others.
  • Cost Effectiveness: The overall server overhead in case of Windows hosting is much more in comparison to the Linux hosting. As such, with other similar applications, traffic, and demands, the overall server resources that get consumed in Windows platform tend to be often more than in case of Linux.

There are several benefits of choosing the Linux reseller hosting over the Windows platform. Make use of the best platform out there and ensure ultimate success for your reseller hosting service business.